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User created
Created 11 days ago by @morpheus

Will 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang have 250,000 or more Twitter followers on April 1, 2019?

Market expires in 6 days
Trade volume 27.15 ETH
Liquidity 4.50 ETH

Last trade at 10.00%

What will be the market capitalization of Cosmos Atoms (ATOM) in USD on April 30, 2019?
Bounds of $0.00 and $2,000,000,000.00

Market expires in 1 month
Trade volume 16.86 ETH
Liquidity 3.12 ETH

Last trade at $620,000,000.00
User created
Created 11 days ago by @sernia

What will be the Celer token price after the 1st hour of trading at Binance?
Bounds of $0.00 and $0.03

Market expires in 23 hours
Trade volume 11.20 ETH
Liquidity 4.61 ETH

Last trade at $0.02
User Nominated
Created 2 months ago by 0xf048539f3dc5ebe5c1f8bc9e7f37a106f25f55c9

Will Coinbase delist ETC by the end of 2019?

Market expires in 9 months
Trade volume 5.72 ETH
Liquidity 1.77 ETH

Last trade at 40.00%
User created
Created 8 days ago by @u

Will the movie Avengers Endgame gross over $275m on its opening weekend in the US?

Market expires in 1 month
Trade volume 3.29 ETH
Liquidity 4.74 ETH

Last trade at 45.00%

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